Blackcoin Faucet - (BLK)

Free Blackcoin Faucet


Collect Reward From 100,000 to 250,000 blacktoshi every 30 Minute and Double your reward with build up your loyalty

Claim free Blackcoin

Getcoin.Site give rewards up to 250,000 blacktoshi every 30 minutes. You must solve a captcha (solvemedia) to prove you're not bots. reward range 100,000 to 250,000 blacktoshi, get more Blackcoin from bonuses + offers.

Instant paying

Once you reach 1 blacktoshi you can withdraw your funds from withdraw panel in your account. After clicking 'withdraw' your balance will be sent to your faucehub address instantly without any pending.

Loyalty Bonus

Uses our faucet everyday will increase your reward up to 100% , you must make 1 success claim everyday to build up your bonus, this bonus increases 1% per day. and if you miss a day to claim, your bonus will be reset to 0% and you must build up it again.

What is Get Coin is a faucet. We will give you some rewards every you make claims, you can make claim every 20 minutes and every claim you must solving a captcha, that prove you are a human.